***OBSOLETE***Guideline 10-2011 — Interactions Affecting the Achievement of Acceptable Indoor Environments


standard by ASHRAE, 2011



Guideline 10-2011 helps users address thermal comfort , indoor air quality, sound and vibration, and lighting at the same time, with the intention of increasing understanding of how to improve the acceptability of the indoor environment as a whole.

The purpose of this guideline is to provide guidance regarding factors (thermal comfort, indoor air quality, sound and vibration, and lighting) and their interactions as they affect the indoor environmental conditions acceptable to human occupants with regard to comfort and health.

Meeting the requirements of standards for various aspects of indoor environments is not always sufficient to ensure the overall acceptability of the environment to all relevant parties. This guideline presents a preliminary effort to describe the interactions relevant for achieving acceptable indoor environments. It can provide assistance to building design professionals and building operators as well as investigators and researchers.

This guideline applies to the design, construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of buildings. It applies to all indoor or enclosed spaces that people may occupy, with the following exceptions:
a. areas of buildings intended primarily for manufacturing, commercial processing, or industrial processing;
b. parking garages;
c. storage spaces intended for only incidental human occupancy; and
d. other such enclosed spaces not designed primarily for human occupancy.

Keywords: indoor air quality, thermal comfort, building acoustics, acceptable indoor environment, bldg occupant satisfaction, bldg environmental conditions

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