SIA GB-01-1994


Acoustic Glassbreak Detector Standard – Features for Optimizing False Alarm Reduction and Detection
standard by Security Industry Association, 1994



This standard details recommended design features to reduce the incidence of false alarms with acoustic glassbreak sensors, or any sensor which uses acoustic glassbreak sensing used in security systems. In addition, specific recommendations are made regarding content in sensor installation instructions and application instructions, also for the purpose of reducing false alarms.

Recommendations on design features, installation instructions, and application instructions for maximizing lass break detection are also included. Since the technology of acoustic glass break detection can involve a trade-off between detection and false alarm immunity, a focus solely on false alarm immunity will compromise glass break detection. Detection therefore has equal emphasis in this standard.

This standard recognizes that the majority of false alarms and missed detections for glassbreak sensors are due to application and installation errors, and that widespread instruction on application and installation will have the greatest impact toward minimizing false alarms while maximizing glass break detection.

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