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Toxicology and Drug Testing in the Medical Laboratory, Third Edition, C52Ed3E
standard by Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute, 01/01/2017

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Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute guideline C52—Toxicology and Drug Testing in the Medical Laboratory helps medicallaboratories develop procedures for analyzing drugs of abuse and other compounds. C52 provides guidance on clinical toxicologytesting from the initial consultation through final result reporting and interpretation, and includes a variety of specimen types,analytical procedures, and instrumentation.

This guideline discusses the most common purposes for clinical toxicology testing, including the support of emergency medicine,obstetrics and gynecology, neonatology, pediatrics, psychiatry, pain management, and addiction medicine. The primary objectiveis to ensure high-quality standards are maintained throughout the entire testing process, from specimen collection, processing, andanalysis, through results reporting and interpretation.

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