BIFMA X6.1-2012


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Educational Seating – Tests
standard by Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association, 10/01/2012

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This standard is intended to provide manufacturers, specifiers, and users with a common basisfor evaluating the safety, durability, and structural adequacy of Educational Seating, includingunits with integrated desk or table surfaces. The tests in this standard are intended to evaluateseating for students in pre-school, elementary, middle school, high school, adult education,trade school, and college, for learning and common space environments. These tests are notintended to evaluate products used in living/dorm environments. The educational seatingproducts covered by this standard are normally used in schools and colleges and include thosetypically referred to as chairs, stacking chairs, tablet-arm chairs, chair/desks, stools, andconvertible bench/tables. Neither folding chairs nor seating products that are anchored to thebuilding floor or structure are covered by this standard. Chairs with tilting seats and/or backssuch as executive/management chairs, task/secretarial/teacher chairs, side/guest chairs may beused in educational environments, but these products are covered by ANSI/BIFMA X5.1General-Purpose Office Chairs – Tests (designated within that standard as Type l and ll).Similarly, items such as lounge seating may also be used in the educational environment;however, these are covered by ANSI/BIFMA X5.4 Lounge Seating – Tests. Mobile cafeteriatables with attached seating are covered by UL 2040 “Folding Rollaway Tables”.

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