ASIS PSC.1-2012 (2017)


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Management System for Quality of Private Security Company Operations – Requirements with Guidance
standard by ASIS International, 03/05/2012

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Private Security Service Providers including Private Security Companies (collectively “PSCs”) play an important role in protecting state and non-state clients engaged in relief, recovery, and reconstruction efforts; commercial business operations; diplomacy; and military activity. This Standard is particularly applicable for any type of PSC operating in circumstances of weakened governances where the rule of law has been undermined due to human or naturally caused events. In unstable and dangerous environments where security and military operations areon-going, PSCs are engaged to provide enhanced security services in support of humanitarian, diplomatic, and military efforts, and to protect commercial activities including rebuilding of infrastructure. The PSC, in close coordination with legitimate clients and state actors, must adopt and implement the standards necessary to ensure that human rights and fundamental freedoms are adhered to in order to safeguard lives and property, and untoward, illegal, and excessive acts are prevented; while working under high risk conditions with the utilization oftactics, techniques, procedures, and equipment – including weapons. The purpose of this Standard is to improve and demonstrate consistent and predictable quality of services provided by PSCs while maintaining the safety and security of their operations and clients within a framework that aims to ensure respect for human rights, national and international laws, and fundamental freedoms.

This Standard builds on the Montreux Document and the International Code of Conduct (ICoC) for Private Security Service Providers to provide requirements and guidance for a management system with auditable criteria for Quality of Private Security Company Operations, consistent with respect for human rights, legal obligations and good practices related to operations of private security service provider companies in conditions where governance and the rule of law have been undermined by conflict or disaster. It provides auditable requirements based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act model for third-party certification of private security service providers working for any client.

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