ASCE Manual of Practice No. 92


Manhole Inspection and Rehabilitation (MOP 92)
Handbook / Manual / Guide by American Society of Civil Engineers, 08/12/2009



Manhole structures are the principal means of access for collection system maintenance. Effective manhole inspection and rehabilitation are necessary to remove excessive manhole infiltration and inflow, improve manhole structural integrity, address public safety-related issues, and implement general system maintenance requirements. The goal of this manual is to present a current and complete inspection and grading protocol that offers logical step-by-step guidance for maintaining and improving the health of these systems. This new edition of Manhole Inspection and Rehabilitation, Manual No. 92, presents the primary components that allow agencies to accurately identify inventory, evaluate the condition of these structures, make informed decisions for rehabilitation materials, and include key quality control measures when specifying the use of rehabilitation materials.

The topics examined in this updated edition include: 1) safety; 2) manhole inspection; 3) manhole rehabilitation methods; 4) cost-effectiveness analysis and rehabilitation method selection; and 5) construction inspection and quality control. This book will be valuable to all sewer system professionals.

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