3A 13-11


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Farm Milk Cooling and Holding Tanks
standard by 3-A Sanitary Standards, 07/23/2012

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These standards cover the sanitary aspects of tanks in which bulk milk is cooled and stored on dairy farms.

Tanks made in conformance to these standards shall provide a means for cooling the milk.

The milk tank will consist of the following components: Lining, jacket and rail, personnel access openings and covers, outlet valve, vent, agitation, refrigeration, measuring device and internal solution piping.

Other components may include: external solution piping, cleaning controls, temperature indication thermometer, recording thermometer, and weatherprotective cover and sanitary seals for agitator.

In order to conform to these 3-A Sanitary Standards, farm milk cooling and holding tanks shall conform to the following design, material, fabrication, and cooling criteria.

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